Snorkeling equipment for the beach

If you want to see fish or discover areas of the beach that nobody knows, snorkeling is your ideal sport. On this page you will find everything you need to be able to practice it, whether you are an expert, or want to start and look for snorkeling equipment for beginners.

You can buy from a cheap kit to loose accessories, such as tubes or fins.

The equipment that you will find for sale in our snorkel shop are valid for any age, because although the snorkeling equipment for children is smaller, all the sets have different sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

In short, if you want to buy snorkeling equipment or any material to dive at the best price and from the best brands, you are in the right place.

Cheap snorkel goggles: take advantage of these offers

Diving goggles are the only accessory that is totally necessary to be able to dive and see some fish. For us, these are the most recommended cheap glasses:

Lately masks or snorkel masks are in fashion, even brands like Speedo have launched their models of this variety of diving lenses that cover the entire face.

In our store you will be able to buy snorkel goggles of any kind, the most classic snorkel lenses or a new mask. And also for all ages, because these visors have different sizes, logically, snorkel goggles for children are not the same as ones for adults, they need a larger lens.

The advantage of snorkeling masks is that they include the tube and you can breathe more normally. With a conventional tube, you have no choice but to breathe through your mouth. If you have never tried them before, we recommend buying a snorkel mask at the best price so you can see how comfortable they are.

Cleaning the diving goggles and masks

In order to maintain good visibility while diving, it is important to clean the mask, any water that may have entered must be emptied and the lenses demisted if necessary.

There are two possible ways to clean the diving mask:

  1. Out of the water: you have to put a little water inside the glasses, and move them to wet the entire surface, then you have to tilt the glasses so that all the water comes out.
  2. In the water: you have to press the upper part of the snorkel mask against your forehead and release the strong air through your nose, at the same time you have to swim upwards diagonally, not directly. In this way the sea water will be able to leave, but not enter, thanks to the air we expel.


Fins are not required for snorkelling, but they are highly recommended. With good snorkel fins you can move faster, cover greater distances in the same time.

The best fins for snorkeling are long fins, because although they may seem more uncomfortable, they will advance you further. There are many short fins, but you will notice less the difference, since you use fins to snorkel, use the best possible ones. Like any of these cheap snorkel fins that we have selected for you:

You will exercise more with your legs, because as you move more water with each kick, you have to make a greater effort, at first it may seem a strange sensation.

Although you have to make more force, the movement you have to do to swim with fins is the same movement that you would do if you walk crawl, do not do breaststroke feet because then the fins are totally useless. Due to moving a greater amount of water, you will move your legs more slowly, but you will move more.

In case you don't know how to do the front crawl kick, you have to move both legs completely, as if you were walking but horizontally. Try not to bend your knee, keep your legs straight to be able to push yourself further, you will slide through the water like a fish!


Along with the goggles is the other part of the essential snorkeling equipment, if you do not want to have to go out to breathe every so often and be able to enjoy the seabed for longer, a good snorkel tube is what you need.

There are many types of tube, but the best tube for snorkeling is any that you can hold with your goggles, in this way it will remain vertical and it is much more difficult for water to enter and you have to stop diving to catch air.

Usually they are usually made of plastic, and this material is the one that we recommend, some other option will be much more expensive and plastic works very well, it is very resistant.


If you want to dive in shallow areas and with stones at the bottom of the sea, snorkeling shoes are highly recommended, because they will protect your foot from any possible puncture with the ground.

Usually, when diving we go through complicated areas to see more fish, if you only go through the sea where everyone is, you will only see sand and feet. In the most remote areas you do not know what can be at the bottom, from crabs to stones, better buy some snorkeling shoes and dive calmly.

They are usually made of neoprene and are very light, you will not notice that you are wearing them.

Of course, if you already wear snorkel fins, you will not be able to put on shoes, the fins will also protect you, but they are more uncomfortable to walk through inaccessible areas.

Wetsuit for snorkeling

Wearing neoprene when snorkeling is totally optional and the most normal thing is that you do not need it unless you are a professional. Snorkeling gear is useful when diving in cold waters, but it shouldn't be the norm during your summer beach vacation where you just want to kick back and watch some fish diving.

Conclusion, if you are not a professional or you are going to bathe in very cold waters, we do not recommend that you use t-shirts or any type of wetsuit for snorkeling.

How to snorkel?

Now that you know all the snorkeling equipment, it is time to learn how to snorkel in 3 easy steps:

Put on the mask or goggles and the tube

This step is obvious, before starting to dive you have to be clear about how to put on your goggles and adjust them so that no water enters and you have to go out again.

The process is simple:

  1. Place the glasses over your eyes and press until you notice that it has a suction cup effect. From this moment on, unless you use a snorkel mask, you have to breathe through your mouth.
  2. When you notice that the glasses are well placed and that they do not bother your nose, take the strap and wear it behind your head.
  3. Finally, adjust the strap so that the glasses do not move or have slack, most snorkel glasses have straps on both sides that can be adjusted very easily.

Keep in mind that you have to be comfortable, do not go overboard squeezing the glasses or when you finish you will have your whole face marked.

If you do not have a mask and have a separate tube, you have to pass it through the tape of the glasses before putting them on, in this way, the tube will remain vertical and no water will enter.

Once you put the goggles on with the tube firmly attached, you have to put the tube's mouthpiece in your mouth, the vast majority of snorkel tubes have two small pieces of plastic that will help you to hold it with your teeth. Avoid biting too hard on these fasteners or you could break them.

If this is the first time you are snorkeling, start by diving a bit along the shore to check that the goggles and tube are properly fitted and no water enters anywhere.

The first few times it may be a bit difficult for you to put on all your snorkeling equipment, but if you practice this sport frequently, you will quickly automate the process.

Breathing while diving

While diving you have to breathe normally, calmly.

The main difference is that you will have to breathe through your mouth, and at first it may seem strange if you are not used to it, but in less than a minute you will do it normally.

However, you can buy a full-face snorkel mask that does allow you to breathe through your nose.

And that's it, these are the two stages that you have to take into account to be able to snorkel. As you can see, it is an easy sport to practice that does not require much material, the most important thing is diving goggles and in our store you can buy them at the best price.

In addition to diving equipment, in our store we also have: