Skimboarding is gaining more and more popularity on the beaches thanks to the fact that you don't need big waves to be able to surf them. Here we explain what it consists of and also, you can buy the boards with the best quality / price ratio. Do you dare?

With the skimboard you will enjoy the waves on the shore of any beach!

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What is the skimboard?

In short, a skimboard is a more or less oval shaped board that is used to slide along the seashore.

Skimboarding is the sport of the summer of 2020.

Depending on your weight, height and experience, the dimensions of the board will vary, but you must also keep in mind the type of coast in which you are going to practice this sport. In the next point we see why it is important to know the beach:

Types of skimboard

There are 2 main types of skimboard:

  • Flatland / inland modality is practiced on sandy beaches with little depth or at low tides.
  • Wave skimming mode that is practiced in waters where the waves break deeper.

What skimboard to buy?

To know which skimboarding board you should buy if you have decided to start practicing this beach sport, you have to take into account the 2 previous points:

  • Your complexion
  • The type of beach you will skimboard on.

Knowing these two things, you can choose the board that best suits you and with which you are going to enjoy this summer to the fullest.

We have made for you a selection of the best skimboards available in the market, the boards with the best value for money:

Skimboard accessories

Some accessories that cannot be missing when buying a good skimboard are the grip to achieve greater adherence (you will surely not like to get blown up when stepping on a slippery board).

And wax cannot be lacking either, as a complement to the grip, as it reduces the risk of slipping and feeling ridiculous by giving a regrettable sight, not to mention possible injuries that could keep you from the beach during a good season ...

Before doing skimboard you have to know this

Don't be fooled, shore surfing or skimboarding is not an easy beach sport. You need some physical condition and to warm up properly before starting to practice this fun sport. When you master it, you will enjoy the sea and the waves like never before.

Avoid internet tutorials that teach you how to make a quick and easy skimboard ... Better buy one that you know meets all the requirements and you will avoid unnecessary injuries ...

In addition to Skimboard boards, in our store we have:

All about skimboarding, the sport of summer 2019
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All about skimboarding, the sport of summer 2019
What is skimboard? What types of skimboard are there? Learn everything you need to know about this popular new sport. You will enjoy the sea and the waves on the shore like never before!
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