The best windsurf boards and sails

If you are on this page, it is for one of these 2 reasons:

  • You are thinking of renewing your board, your sail or the cover for your board.
  • You want to get started in a different and exciting sport like windsurfing.

Whatever it is, this is your section, where you will find the best equipment for windsurfing at the best price. What do you need?

Buy the best windsurf boards

If you want to windsurf there is no debate, you need a board. We have chosen for you a wide variety of boards of all types and materials, for example, you can choose if you prefer a rigid windsurf board, which are more professional but much more difficult to transport, or an inflatable board that takes up almost no space when you are not using it and it is much more portable.

The origin of windsurfing

At this first point we are going to briefly explain to you what is the origin and a little the history of windsurfing.

The origin of this sport is closely related to surfing:
Surfing, as such, was born in the Pacific islands, but it was the Hawaiians who perfected it and later exported it to all continents. But surfing is fine until one day there are no waves ... Then it's a disaster.

And on one of those days without waves around 1930, two Californians decided to explore what would happen if they added a sail to the surfboard ... And that's how windsurfing was born, a board and a sail that allow sailing and even flying. over the waves at great speed.

appearance of windsurfing

On this page you can find all kinds of windsurf boards, for beginners, for children, even inflatables. You also have them of all prices and types.

Types of windsurf boards

If you are interested in the types of windsurfing boards that there are, you will be interested to know that there are 4 types on the market:

  • Freeride windsurf boards seas calm,
  • Formula windsurfing boards that are about a meter long and are used for racing.
  • Waveboards , designed to break the waves.
  • And finally the freestyle , for stunts.

We have chosen for you a selection of the best windsurf boards that you can buy with the best value for money. Do not miss it!

Types of windsurfing sails

If you have questions about the size and type of windsurfing sails, we will tell you that all sails are made of synthetic material so that they are not heavy and can be easily transported and handled. But in addition to being light, windsurfing sails must be highly resistant so that they do not break when the wind picks up.

That said, the type of candle will depend on the modality that we want to practice:

  • The windsurf sails for freestyle are smaller, allowing you to perform more complex stunts.
  • If you want a sail for waves ( waveboard mode) it must be strong and resistant and allow great maneuverability.
  • Off shore windsurf sails are smaller and are often used by beginners due to their ease of handling and assembly.
  • If you want a lot of power, you will have to use the so-called on shore, which are the sails used for Freeride Wave , with great boom and lightness.
  • The sails used in racing are full of cambers and have a very wide neck sheath, which allows for great speed.

In any case, if you are a beginner, we recommend a simple and practical wing, which hardly prints speed. With time and practice, you will be able to use higher boom sails like those used in racing.

That said, you can now choose the type of windsurfing sail you want, and so you can decide by looking at our offers on windsurfing sails for children and adults:

Buy windsurf sails

Board covers

Pamper your windsurfing equipment and make it last for many years by protecting it with any of these special windsurfing covers:

Advantages of storing your windsurf board and sail in a cover

We agree that, as much as we want, a windsurf board and sail are bulky, so it is difficult to find a suitable and sheltered place to store them when you are not practicing this intense sport. Especially if you have chosen a rigid windsurf board instead of an inflatable one.

For this reason, we recommend that you protect them from the elements using a cover. These covers are waterproof and although we already know that windsurfing boards are made for sailing on the sea, once they are clean, dry and waxed, no one likes them to be damaged.

In addition to Windsurf equipment, in our store we have: