The best Paddle Surf boards

Also known as paddle boarding or paddle boarding, this sport is, as its name suggests, a type of surfing in which, on or off a board very similar to surfing, you use a paddle or paddle to go gliding through the waves.

Origin of Stand Up Surf

It seems that this practice has its origin in Polynesia, although its use has become widespread when Hawaiian surfers popularized it.

Unlike traditional surfing, focused on riding waves, paddle surfing can be practiced in all kinds of calm waters or not, since the paddle or paddle is the one that will facilitate movement.

Paddle surfing is a very healthy activity because it allows you to tone the muscles of the trunk and enhance your balance. Which, in addition to making you consume some extra calories, will also help you improve your stability in your daily activity.

Types of boards and modalities of Paddle Surf

If you want to practice paddle surfing, you have to know that there are several types of boards, so when buying one, you have to take into account the purpose for which you want to use it. That is, depending on the type of practice, one type of table or another will be more advisable. Below we present the most common modalities along with the most advisable type of table.

  • All Round : that is, several people in the same table. Perfect to go with friends or family through calm waters, such as a lake, for example. They are boards known as hybrid boards since they allow you to catch small waves or even do crossings. They are larger, that is, wider and longer. In this way, several people can fit and are more stable.
  • Paddle yoga / fitness : Practicing yoga on a paddle surf board is one of the most rewarding sensations. On a paddle surf board you enter calm waters and meditate! These boards are inflatable and larger than those used in normal sports. Inflatable because that way your body suffers less when performing the different positions, and larger to facilitate stability.
  • Paddle crossing : Designed to spend a long time on the board. They are also wide boards, but more pointed to allow a better glide. They can even carry special rubber supports so you can carry a backpack.
  • Paddle windsurfing : Allows you to windsurf on your paddle surf board when it's windy. You only have to add a candle to your special table for this modality.
  • Paddle race: This is the form of paddle surf designed for competition. In this mode, the boards used are narrow and elongated, so the balance is difficult to maintain, but you advance much more quickly. We do not recommend them if you are a beginner.
  • Paddle wave or Paddle surf : It is the modality most similar to surfing, without a doubt. It consists of, individually, moving around catching waves. The paddle surf boards used in this practice are short and wide, which allow stability and maneuverability.

How to choose a paddle surf board?

In addition to the modalities that we have explained in the previous section, there are other modalities and other types of tables. Here we have simply described the most common practices.

With this we think that you will be able to better decide what type of paddle surfing you want to practice and thus be able to buy the most suitable board. You can even invent new modalities yourself or use paddle surf boards for different modalities.

Buy Paddle Surf boards

We have selected for you the best paddle surf equipment, so that you look for what you are looking for, you will find it on this page:

Wide or narrow boards

You simply have to be clear that the wider it will be, the more stable and the shorter it will be, the easier to maneuver. Little more to say, that is the only difference between these tables

Inflatable or rigid boards

Likewise, an inflatable paddle surf board will be much more comfortable, so you could buy a large one to practice the All round, for example. But obviously, if you want to compete or practice paddle surfing, we do not recommend inflatable boards, since they are not designed to maneuver.

Buy paddle surf paddles and accessories

When choosing oars or paddles you have to pay attention to several aspects. Here we are going to give you the most important tracks so that you take them into account when choosing the best paddle surf paddles for you.

Adjustable and fixed paddles.

The first ones are the most recommended if you are starting in the sport of paddle surfing and you do not know for sure what your ideal pole size is (the pole), but it is also suitable for children use as it adapts to growth and for Lastly, if you share the board with someone else and you have different heights or preferences.

Fixed paddles are the most recommended for the most “aggressive” paddle surfing practices such as racing or wave , since these paddles have a better paddling response. And of course, if you are already clear about the length of the pole and do not need to vary it.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the pommel (the handle on the top of the paddle that you grip it by). You have to keep in mind that it has to be ergonomic so that it is comfortable for you and that the paddle provides you with greater speed.

Another key element to consider before buying a paddle surf paddle is the width of the paddle:

The wider you will advance but you will go slower. Therefore, if you are going to compete, the best are narrow blades, but for leisure, the wide ones.

You also have to take into account your physical condition, since a wide blade will cost you much more to move in the water, so if you are not very strong, it is better to opt for something in between.

Types of rowing

Finally, you should not forget the material with which the paddle is made. In principle, you should be guided by lightness to less heavy more recommended. But endurance is also important.

The cheapest ones are the plastic ones, but we only recommend them for children's use, since they are fragile and if you row too hard you run the risk of breaking.

The aluminum ones are also cheap, but very heavy and also do not float, because if you drop them into the water, you can be left without a paddle.

The wooden ones are without a doubt the most beautiful, and we all know that wood floats. But they are also heavy and in addition, with a strong stroke you can break them.

The fiberglass ones are perhaps the most recommended in terms of quality-price as they are light and have a soft paddle.

Finally, there are the carbon oars, they are the lightest of all and they are also the ones that have the best behavior in the water. However, its price is higher. Recommended for professional use.