Canoes and Kayaks for the beach

Do you want to have fun? Don't think twice, canoeing or sea kayaking are sporting activities that will excite you. Get in shape while you get dark riding the waters at full speed.

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The best paddles deals for kayaks

In the kayak you cannot miss some good paddles to move through the sea.

The paddles of the kayak are the fundamental tool to have a suitable crossing. Without shovel, there is no crossing. Kayak paddles, like canoes, have double blades to allow straight-line movement without having to change the paddle sideways with each stroke.

When buying the best shovel for you, you have to take into account a few things:

  • Length : It must be 4 or 5 centimeters longer than you with your arm extended upwards. If your kayak is inflatable you will have to increase about 10 centimeters more to save the width of the boat.
  • Angle and laterality : The blades must have a different angle (between 45 and 60º), this is to facilitate paddling on both sides. This difference in angle will be positive or negative depending on whether you are left or right handed.
  • Pole : It can be straight or ergonomic. Obviously, the ergonomic ones are more comfortable and you will run less risk of injury. But they are also more expensive.
  • Shovels : This is the fundamental part. They come in different shapes and materials. The blade is not symmetrical, it is longer at the top than at the bottom. This along with the width will determine whether the blade is high or low angle. The stop is more powerful, you go straighter but you get more tired. The bass gives you more balance and lets you paddle more hours, but it can change the course of the kayak.

Types of kayaks for the sea

Although kayaks are traditionally individual, the truth is that in almost all types of kayak (except for polo and surf) you can find options for two or three people. In fact, there are modular models that allow you to expand or reduce their capacity (in addition to facilitating transport, of course).

With this qualification made, below we will tell you the main types of kayaks that you can find in the market and what is their usual use. Keep in mind that the type of design can facilitate some uses and hinder others.

Inflatable kayak

They are long, wide and tall boats. They are the cheapest, but they behave badly in the water. But they are very easily transported. They are ideal to use occasionally on the beach and have a laugh with your friends. But they are not suitable for regular sports practice. If you include the accessories you can have a fantastic kayak for fishing.

Self-emptying kayak

They are also known as "sit on top". They are the best known and most widespread to start the practice of this sport. They are made of plastic, and in addition to being very resistant, they do not sink. However, they are very wide, giving it stability but making it difficult to do many kilometers. On the other hand, your body does not touch the base of the kayak and that makes it difficult to control the canoe. Like the previous one, with the right accessories you can build a real fishing kayak.

Closed Kayak

They are the most faithful to the original Greenlandic design. You sit inside and with a skirt at the waist (bathtub covers) you avoid the entry of water. It has many sizes available, but for an adult, we recommend a width of no less than 60 cms. and length of at least 350 cms.

Whitewater kayaking or surfing

These are very short canoes where you gain in maneuverability. This makes it easier for us to handle it in rough waters and sea with waves. And even do cartwheels like cartwheels. They are difficult to enter and exit due to their small size.

Folding kayak

It is a frame made of light and resistant material, such as wood or aluminum, covered by a waterproof fabric. Being removable, it is very easy to transport and also its design allows good performance. By cons its price is high.

Track kayak

They are the racing kayaks (for calm waters). The important thing is the sharp design and the lowest possible weight to cut through the water and thus gain the highest speed. On the contrary, they are uncomfortable and not very maneuverable. They are designed to win competitions, not for relaxing walks by the sea.


It is the equivalent of the track kayak but designed to run in the sea and surf for a long time between the waves.

Kayak Polo

These kayaks are designed to practice the sport that bears the same name (similar to water polo but with a boat), they are usually short for great maneuverability and have protections at the stern and bow because contact is allowed.

What is a sea kayak?

The kayak or canoe is a type of narrow and long boat, in which the crew member is seated with the legs stretched out and is propelled with a two-bladed paddle.

The first kayaks were built many many years ago by fishing villages in Greenland with skins, tendons, woods and bones, making ships light, fast, and maneuverable.

Today, however, kayaks are more sophisticated and there are a great variety of types and classes, all depending on the specialty you want to dedicate yourself to.

What do I need to practice sea kayaking safely?

In the kayak and sea canoe, unlike other boats, it is not necessary to do a course or obtain a license to be able to handle them. However, this lack of legal requirements does not imply that it is a risk-free sport. Don't even think about kayaking in a T-shirt and flip-flops. You have to inform yourself well, and above all that you do not lack a good life jacket.

In its origins, the kayak was a single canoe that was used on the beach for fishing or hunting. Over time, its use for sporting purposes has spread, and it goes without saying, it is gaining popularity, sea kayaking is becoming more and more popular and has more fans.

Inflatable sea kayaks vs rigid kayaks

About the kayaks that you can buy on this page, you have to know that you can find them inflatable or rigid. Each type of kayak has its advantages, inflatable kayaks are much easier to transport and are currently made with very resistant fabrics so it is very difficult for them to get punctured.

For their part, rigid kayaks, although they cost more to transport, are a little more comfortable and reach higher speeds, thanks to less friction. Keep in mind that the speed thing will end up depending on how hard you row ...

Other accessories for your canoe

There are several accessories that can be very useful when taking a canoe ride through the sea safely. Thus, in addition to the oars you will need:

  • Some life jackets, whether it is a single or a two-seater, I think it is clear why they are necessary.
  • A bilge pump in case water enters.
  • The spray cover is also interesting, which is precisely going to prevent water from entering and you have to use the bilge pump.

But something fundamental is that you inform yourself well about the weather forecast. Think what would happen to a mattress adrift in the sea during a storm ... Well, that's what could happen to you. So here you can buy the best kayaks for the sea at the best price, but you have to put common sense.