Beach petanque balls

Petanque is one of the most fun beach sports, ideal to play with your friends without breaking a sweat or getting too hot. To be able to play petanque you need a set of balls and know the rules of the game, on this page you will find both, petanque balls for the beach at the best price and all the rules.

Buy cheap beach petanque balls

The price of petanque balls can vary greatly depending on the material we choose, professional steel balls do not cost the same as plastic petanque balls to play on the beach for fun. For both types of balls, we have chosen for you the ones that have the best value for money.

Stainless steel petanque balls

If you don't mind spending a little more money or you are looking for some very good quality balls because you are a professional player, the metallic petanque balls are the most recommended for you. They are usually made of stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about getting a little water on them.

In addition, the center of gravity is located exactly in the center of the ball, so you will have greater precision in your throws.

Here you have the best cheap and good quality petanque balls, because they are not incompatible things.

Plastic balls for the beach

If you want to have a fun time on the beach or in the garden, these balls have the best price for you. Thanks to being made of plastic, they are perfect for playing on the beach without worrying that the sand could damage them.

To make them weigh more, they are usually filled with sand, which moves with each throw, this shifts the center of gravity and makes it less precise, but we warn you that, unless you are a professional petanque, you will not notice. These balls are the best option to have fun practicing this sport on the beach with your friends:

How do you play petanque?

The game of petanque is easy to understand and learn, in just 1 minute you will know everything you need.

You have to be clear that the rules of petanque on the beach are the same as anywhere else.

Rules of the game of petanque

Necessary material

  • Petanque balls
  • Small ball or bowling pin
  • Ruler or string to measure


Be closest to the small ball at the end of each round of the game.

End of the game

The game of petanque just lasts seven rounds. The team with the most points at the end of the 7 rounds is the winner.

Game development

  • Make a circle on the ground from which the balls will be thrown throughout the game.
  • The bowling pin is thrown at a distance greater than 5 meters.
  • The first player throws the first ball trying to get as close to the small ball as possible.
  • The next player throws his first ball, if he manages to place it closer than the first pitcher's ball, the turn goes to the next, if not, he throws again, until he surpasses the previous player or until he runs out of balls, whichever happens First. If he runs out of balls, the other player has just thrown his to try to score more points.
  • If you put the ball at exactly the same distance as the other player, the same player will continue to throw, that is, it is not enough to call, you have to reduce the distance.
  • The round ends when all players have thrown their three balls.

How to count the points in petanque ?

At the end of the round, the player with the ball closest to the jack is the one who scores points. Specifically, he earns a point for each ball he has near the bowling alley, until he reaches the opponent's first ball.

Let's imagine that the round of the game of petanque has just finished and the balls are like this:

end of a game of pétanque scoring

The blue player would get 2 points and the red player 0, because there are 2 blue balls inside the imaginary circle that creates the closest red ball.

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