The best beach shovels of 2021

Playing beach shovels is one of the most popular sports of the summer, if you look closely, there is always someone playing this game on the shore, no matter what age, older, younger, older with little ones, everything works.

What is there to know before buying beach shovels?

If you have decided to buy some beach shovels, you have to consider several important points before:

  • The first thing you have to consider is the type of beach you are going to play on. For example, on the beaches of northern Spain, like El Sardinero, when the tide goes out there is a lot of space and you can play with much larger wooden blades and they throw the ball with more force. On the other hand, on the Mediterranean beaches, they are much smaller, since there are not even tides, so it is more advisable to play with plastic or wooden shovels with holes and a rubber ball, in this way the ball will go with less strength and you won't hurt anyone.
  • Once you know what type of beach, the second is to decide the area of ​​the beach, differentiating between the sand, the shore or even within the sea. In the event that you want to play paddles in contact with the sea, we recommend that you choose plastic beach rackets, as they will get wet and if they are made of wood they can be damaged. If you are going to play beach shovels on dry sand, you can choose the type of beach shovel you want. We want to give you one last tip, keep in mind that during the summer it is hot and playing beach shovels in the dry sand can be very hard.

Beach paddle special offers

Types of beach shovels to buy

Professional wooden beach shovels

These are the wooden beach rackets that have the best value for money:

Later we will show you how to play beach shovels like a professional player. To practice this sport in a professional way, we recommend wooden shovels, either in the shape of a pan or in the shape of a pear (although the latter are better for children). Keep in mind that professional rackets must be made of solid wood, never chipboard, otherwise you cannot print the necessary strength and speed on the (tennis) ball.

Plastic shovels

As before with wooden rackets, these are the most recommended to have a great time playing beach paddles in the summer of 2020:

But, obviously, if what you want is to hang out, you can buy plastic shovels, much lighter and more affordable and that will make you enjoy equally. In addition, they are more resistant to water and require less care. So they are the ones that we recommend if you love to get your feet wet while passing the ball (which in this case is no longer a tennis ball but a thin and hollow plastic) to your partner.

Offers of beach shovels for children

Almost all models of beach tennis rackets in our online catalog are perfect for children and adults. However, there are good beach shovels for the little ones, because they are lighter and more manageable.

child beach shovels

What paddle ball to buy?

There are two kinds of beach balls, big and small. This element is very important within the beach shovels, without a ball, you simply cannot play.

The main difference between the big ones and the small ones is that when you hit a big ball with the beach shovel, it comes out very hard, even if you give it a little touch, it will go off. The smaller the ball, the more force you have to do to get it far.

Why? This is because even if you do the same force, the impact zone is smaller with the small peltoa, so it receives less momentum and will have less inertia, in addition, on the beaches it is usually a breeze and will slow the ball.

Why buy beach rackets?

Have you ever wondered why it is such a popular sport? Well, possibly for several reasons, but the fundamental ones are its price; it is a fairly inexpensive sport. Transporting beach rackets is easy, they are not bulky, nor do they weigh anything. And also, as we mentioned, anyone can practice it.

cheap good beach shovels

But it also has other health benefits, as it requires a certain level of activity, you exercise, which is good for burning calories and also helps improve general coordination and endurance.

Choosing the best cheap beach tennis rackets

If you want to do some sport near the sea enjoying the breeze and at the same time having fun, beach shovels are a great option. You only need another person to play with you and you will improve your balance, reflexes and stamina.

And only in On Shore Items do you have the best online catalog of beach shovels on offer, so whichever shovel you choose, you will pay the minimum.

professional beach shovels

Here you will find the best blades on the market, and without leaving your chair. You can compare them all, made of wood or plastic, shaped like a pan, round, or pear. But, above all, you can do it in an informed way, knowing that you are going to buy the best beach blades for yourself. So take heart! as a good beachover, do not miss your shovels this summer.

How to play beach rackets professionally?

The game of beach rackets originated in Cantabria in the middle of the 20th century. And it is on the beaches of the city of Santander where you can see the highest level of professionalism in this sport of shovels. There you can see groups of at least two people and a maximum of five, who try to keep a ball in the air for as long as possible by hitting it with a wooden shovel and without it falling to the ground.

Players play two basic roles, one at least is the "stop" (also called "wall"), and the others are "hitters" or "shooters." The "parador" has to return the balls to the "hitters" in a usually fixed order that is to be maintained throughout the game to achieve the greatest number of strokes (passes) in a row.

People playing beach rackets in El Sardinero

In addition, another curiosity that you may not know (unless you are Cantabrian or you practice this sport professionally) is that this modality is not usually played near the sea, but in some area of ​​the beach with a wall that protects from the wind and that prevents the ball from going too far if the hitter misses the shot.

If you have never seen this sport practiced professionally, I recommend that if you walk along the northern beaches (especially the Sardinero in Santander) you stop for a moment to observe and listen… yes, listen. You will be surprised by the musicality of this game through the throws of the ball. It is hypnotic.

Distance and techniques to play with beach shovels

The distance between the players depends on their experience and level playing beach shovels, if this is the first time you play, it does not make sense for you to get too far from your partner. As you gain experience and level up, you can separate yourself more and more.

Hitting is another factor to take into account, depending on how you hit the ball with the paddle, it will come out faster and tense or slower and with parabolic movement. Again, it depends on your level you can try one series of blows or another. If you are new, it is better to play beach shovels by throwing the ball a little upwards, this way it will make a parable and it is easier to return it. As you accumulate games of paddle rackets, you can try to tighten the ball more, hitting the ball straight forward, so that it does not make almost a parabola.

Your style when playing is also important to be clear, you may prefer to play forehand, with a hit called Drive or backhand. Although you have to play both ways, since you do not know which side the other player is going to throw the ball to, those that go to an intermediate zone, you will have a predilection for one of the sides.

Footwork is also essential, the more active you are, the more balls you will reach, it is important not to get stuck to the ground, the feet must be in constant movement in all directions.

All offers of beach shovels in our store

Whether you are looking for some rackets to have fun 5 minutes, or you want to play for hours and, therefore, you need more professional blades for the beach, at On Shore Items you have the best offers so you can buy your new beach blades at the best price.

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In our catalog you have the most outstanding and most fashionable models this summer of 2020, surely you have already seen some on the beach ... If you want to buy them as cheaply as possible, don't think twice. And not only that, you will receive them wherever you want in 24 hours.

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