The best fishing rods and articles

Do you like the beach but you don't like crowds of people? Well, without a doubt, fishing is a sport that you will like!

Relaxed, enjoying the sunrise or sunset, even with your friends having a beer while you wait for the long-awaited fish to bite and above all, away from the crowds of people who gather on the beach during the summer months… What are you waiting for?

Fishing rods

Why buy a fishing rod?

Don't you know what to eat for dinner? Well, here is the solution: surely any catch you make while fishing in the sea from the beach using any of our rods is going to taste delicious.

In this section you will find all types of fishing rods in the sea, telescopic rods, bamboo, pole type or surfcasting. Choose the format that is most comfortable for you, whatever it is, it will be the best choice for you.

But if you are going fishing for the first time, you have to keep in mind a couple of basic things. It is not the same to fish from the shore than from a jetty, for example. In the first case, you will need a surfcasting type rod that will help you send the hook as far as possible. In the case of a jetty or breakwater, pole and surfcasting rods will also work for you, but perhaps, with a bamboo rod, a line and a hook at the end of the line, you will have enough for the small fish near the rocks to bite.

Another question is how active you want to be: If your idea is to throw the rod and wait for them to bite, then the ideal is surfcasting, you cast and wait. But, if you think that may bore you, we recommend the pole type, which you throw and collect all the time. This way you will surely have fun and exercise more.

There are many more types of rods, but for shore or shore fishing these are the most common and at On Shore Items you can choose the type you want and have the peace of mind that you are buying the best quality fishing rods at the best price.

Fishing baits and hooks

What types of baits and hooks should I use to fish in the sea?

The first thing you have to know is that the baits depend on the piece we are looking for and the place where we cast the hook.

Thus, thinking about fishing at the seashore with surfcasting, the most suitable baits will be worms or worms (Tita, beach worm, etc.) since the fish that swim near the shore usually feed on this type of animals and therefore they are familiar to them and it is easier for them to bite. One tip, once you buy them. always keep them in a cool place and from one day to the next keep them in the fridge covered.

On the other hand, in terms of hooks for sea fishing, there are many sizes, which are consistent with the type of piece to be caught. We recommend that you use the smallest ones, because with them you will be able to fish a greater quantity and variety of fish. If you use them large, you will only fish large pieces, but as on the shore, the pieces are usually small, if the hook is very large, you risk that the small fish will eat the bait and not get hooked on the hook.

Fishing tackle

What is the basic equipment for beach fishing?

It is a question that you are most likely asking yourself ... The answer is not simple, because like everything in life, it will depend on the specific type of fishing, depending on
how to fish in the sea depending on what you want to do you will need some gear or others.

For example, for pole fishing you don't need a reel, but for surfcasting you do. You will also need other accessories such as a good support for the rod that will keep it resting on the sand without having to hold it all the time. Another important fishing accessory is the net to be able to get the fish well if the piece is large.

The fishing line or line is also essential. You have to make sure that it is long enough if you are casting to fish far from shore but from shore.

Finally, you will need a good box to store all the spare accessories (sinkers, hooks, corks) and a good bucket to store all the pieces you capture. What a dinner!

Best Cheap Fishing Items

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All about angling in the sea

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