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Cheap beach volleyballs: take advantage of these offers

You may need a blower for your ball to start playing.

It is clear that if there is an essential object to play beach volleyball, in addition to having at least one opponent, it is the ball. To be able to play properly and what is more, so that you play more often, it is essential that the ball is comfortable, soft to the touch, that it is robust to resist impacts, and above all that it is light and not heavy. That way you will get the ball to reach the maximum height.

Another recommendation that we make is that your beach volleyball have bright colors, first because it will be easier for you to follow with your eyes during the game, the second because others will also see it and be encouraged to play with you.

Buy beach volleyball nets at the best price

These are the best offers of volleyball nets for the beach that there are currently:

Since beach volleyball is popular, nets have been installed on many beaches to be able to practice this discipline with friends, or even make friends practicing this discipline.

Height of a volleyball net

The field does not have any lines, beyond those that indicate the limits of the field (16x8m). The height of the beach volleyball net in official competitions varies according to sex, being 2.43m. for men and 2.24m. for women, but it also varies by category (child, adult ...).

The problem with the popularity of beach volleyball is that most of the time, the nets installed on the beach are busy, so if you can get yourself a portable network, you will surely succeed.

How to choose which volleyball net to buy?

If you want to purchase a beach volleyball net, we recommend that you take into account the following variables:

  1. That weighs little
  2. Including carrying bag
  3. That the measure allows you to make more or less large teams (it all depends on how many friends you have or want to do).
  4. That it has tensioning ropes on the sides and holding rods so that it is always taut

Finally, you should also know that there are height-adjustable beach volleyball nets, which could allow you to practice other sports such as beach shovels .

Beach volleyball games

Any sport invented by humans is accompanied by almost as many variations as people practice it. Hence the need to establish fixed rules when organizing championships or when playing officially. Even when you play any game with friends, it is usual to establish or agree on the rules before starting, if not, there are sure to be problems.

In volleyball, it is no different, and we have found, in addition to beach volleyball, 5 different modalities that we are going to briefly describe:

  1. Underwater volleyball : Under water, you play one on one with a heavier ball to overcome the resistance of the water.
  2. Sitting volleyball : It goes without saying, of course.
  3. Water volleyball : played with water at the knee
  4. Bosaball : played on trampolines or inflatable mattresses
  5. Futvoley : they are the same rules but only the legs and the head can be used.

What is beach volleyball?

The first news about beach volleyball appeared in the US in the s. XIX. However, Brazil is the country that has popularized it worldwide by celebrating the first championship of this type of volleyball and a little more than 20 years ago it was recognized as an Olympic sport.

Regarding the dynamics of the game, it is the same as that of traditional volleyball. One team kicks the ball into the opponent's court over the net. The same team cannot hit the ball more than three times in a row (and the same player cannot touch it twice in a row). You can hit the ball with any part of the body, but never hold it with both hands. One team scores a point if the other does not pass the ball before the third hit, if it touches the ground of the opposing team, if it leaves the field or if a player from the other team touches the net with their body.

How many points are there in a volleyball match?

The teams are made up of two players and the one who first reaches 21 points wins.

But of course, nothing stops you from having a good time on the beach, making bigger teams, and hitting 100 points or more. It all depends on what the body endures.

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