Beach soccer equipment

Play your favorite sport, have fun with your friends, exercise, get dark and enjoy the beach. These are just the first 5 ideas that come to mind when thinking about playing soccer on the beach. Without a doubt, there are many more.

Here you will find everything you need to play unique soccer matches on the beach:

Buy beach soccer balls

The only thing you need to be able to play a soccer game on the beach is a ball. The goals, if there is no other option, you can simulate them with two flip-flops as if they were sticks, but the ball is irreplaceable.

These are the cheapest soccer balls thanks to incredible offers:

Depending on how you want to play or with whom you are going to play, you have to choose a different beach soccer ball. We recommend the regulation balls to play with your friends if you are older and there is no risk of hitting anyone (they hurt), or if you want to play with small children just for fun, plastic balls are very practical and cheaper. Choose the one you like best:

Professional official balls

In our store we have for sale the beach soccer ball with the official characteristics and measurements, that is, 68 and 70 cm in diameter, and a pressure between 0.4 and 0.6 atmospheres. These balls are perfect for a more serious game with good goals. But, we recommend you be careful if there are people nearby and you throw hard, because you can hurt someone.

You can buy a professional beach soccer ball from the best brands, such as Adidas or Nike at the best price. Do not think about it, because you will also have it at home ready to start playing soccer in 24 hours

Plastic balls for beach soccer

The other great option is the plastic ones, much lighter and cheaper, and they also don't hurt. With them you can play with your friends without fear of hurting your foot.

To play with these balls you do not need such resistant goals, as long as it has a net so that the ball does not go very far, it is enough.

Beach soccer goals

Many times on the beach there are beach soccer goals, but they are either far from where you usually put your umbrella, or they are busy.

To solve the first, the only thing you can do is walk for a while ... But if when you arrive they are busy, two things can happen:

  1. That you can play with them if they are few, for now everything is fine.
  2. If you go with many friends and they are already enough to have 2 teams, you cannot play all of them. And here are the problems, are you going to run out of playing football?

Therefore, the best companion for your beach soccer ball is a beach goal.

At On Shore Items we have chosen for you goals of all kinds, plastic or inflatable, in case you want to play in the sea (although in that case, more than football it will be water polo or beach handball). You also have all sizes available, because a beach soccer goal for young children is not the same as the one you want if you are 20 years old.

If you really want to play beach soccer, we recommend a sturdy and resistant plastic goal, so that it doesn't fly off when you score a goal.

Keep in mind that many times the goal includes the complete beach soccer pack, that is, next to the beach goal there is a ball and even a pump to inflate it.

Beach soccer games

Soccer is one of the best known sports in the world and it is very popular to play it on the beach as well. You can choose between many different soccer games, that is, you don't always have to play a game, you can play rondo or just pass the ball.

A very good option if you don't have goals is to play a passing game. The rules of this beach soccer game are simple:

The goal is to get to 10 passes without the opposing team touching the ball. And from there, you can add all the variants you want:

  • The opponent can touch the ball, to recover it he has to control it
  • Set limits to the field of play, the smaller the field, the more difficult it is to get 10 passes.
  • The ball has to be flat (useful when there are people nearby)
  • And many other options, the limit is set by your imagination.

This game is very good because in addition to being fun, you will not disturb the people on the beach (nobody likes to be in their beach chair sunbathing and having a ball fall on you), because everything is controlled passes, there are no balls.

Also, we haven't mentioned it, but don't forget a great advantage of playing soccer on the beach: the breaks.

Imagine, you have been playing football for more than an hour without stopping, you are tired of running and scoring goals ... When you decide to stop to rest, nothing better than a few minutes of rest playing with the waves to cool off.