Beach Mats and Floats for Summer 2020

If you want to have fun like never before on the beach or in your pool this coming summer, you need one of these inflatable mats . No matter what type you are looking for, whether for adults or children we have what you need, and also, always with the best prices, look no further!

Inflatable beach mats

The selection of mats that never disappoint, you will have hours of fun guaranteed as soon as you have inflated it:

Sale Intex 67997 - Mat ...
Sale Intex 56250NP - Float ...
Sale Intex 56283EU - Mat ...
Sale BESTWAY 43028 -...
Sale Intex 56897EU - Mat ...

Have you noticed the number of mats you see on the beach in a multitude of shapes and colors? Kiwis, oranges, lemons, bananas, even the most traditional mattress-shaped ones. Well, here you will find them all.

Browse for a while and you will surely find even the ones you had never imagined. And once you find the mat of your dreams, don't think about it, buy it and go to the beach to enjoy throwing yourself on the waves, or simply rocking at their mercy.

Buy cheap giant floats: take advantage of these offers

But if instead of mats, you are more of a giant float, here you will also find the best floats at the best price on the internet. Yes, yes, from the well-known unicorns to flamingos or even diamond rings. Do not think about it! Not only will you have fun, but you will surely make many friends and you will be the envy of other tourists.

Offers for baby floats and sleeves

Here we also show you the best offers on baby floats and sleeves. All of them with maximum security, although of course, you should never leave your baby alone without supervision.

The safest floats for your baby

One option is the float, which is more comfortable to put on and take off, but has the risk that the baby may slip down. Make sure it is not too big.

These mini floats are ideal if you have a small boy or girl, because they can move safely through the water, they are anti-tip floats.

Baby muffs on the beach

If you want your child to enjoy seawater safely, sleeves are the best option. You will still have to give it your full attention, but at least with these inflatable sleeves it will float by itself.

An alternative to floats that seems safer to us are sleeves, although they are more uncomfortable to put on, you ensure the baby's buoyancy since there is no risk of them slipping.