Beach toys

If you go to the beach with children and you want them to have a great time all morning, you need beach toys. We offer you 3 great different options, you can prefer that they play in the sand making castles, or if they are a little older, you can play with them with the inflatable ball in the sea, even fly a kite together.

Cheap and good quality beach toys - they exist

Whenever you buy beach toys you inevitably ask yourself: how long will it take to break? Or you just take it for granted that next summer you will have to buy a new beach toy.

That happens in practically all the beach bars and shops that you find along the beach, but it does not happen in On Shore Items. In any of our 3 categories of beach toys for babies and children, we have chosen for you the best quality games with the lowest prices. Because contrary to what you may think, they are not incompatible things.

Do not miss all the Playmobil toys on the beach on our special page.

The best toys for the beach

Babies begin to learn immediately from birth, little by little they learn to differentiate the different textures and smells, then they begin to be aware of the dimensions of the objects, after time and later they begin to talk and walk. Throughout this stage of development, the different toys for babies play a fundamental role, because they stimulate their senses and make them learn more quickly, they are not mere hobbies. Thanks to toys, children become more curious and want to learn more.

Although it all depends on the toy, if you have decided to go to the beach with your child, don't buy him a console ... Much better a good toy for the beach, with which he can interact with the sand or with the water.

To choose the best beach toy for children, if you are going to play with them you have to decide whether to buy a sand toy, so that you will not have to get wet with the sea, or a water toy to have a great time on the beach. .

Think that while you are quietly in your beach chair sunbathing your child will be having fun alone or with other children for hours without disturbing anyone thanks to all the space they have on the beach.

And whether you want inflatable beach toys, as if you prefer silicone or plastic toys, you will find them here.

Among all the beach toys we have created 3 large blocks:

Sand toys

Make authentic fortresses and castles, or dig deep holes until you find water… To do all that, you can use your hands or the best sand toys: resistant, of good quality and with very low prices. Don't think about it, you'll have a great time!


If you want to have a fun time with a friend or your child, what you need is a good kite. Here we put all the types of kites at your disposal, from the most basic to the two-string kites .

Inflatable balls

The beach toy par excellence, if you want hours of fun and be able to play with all your friends, beach balls are great, we have all sizes, from giants to get inside to normal inflatable balls, but always with the best price.