Beach mats and blankets

Never get sand stains again. With any of these mats you can enjoy the beach without having to carry large items and with all the comfort.

Why buy a beach mat in 2020?

If you don't want to go loaded down to the beach, a beach mat can be a great substitute for a chair or hammock. Because it fulfills the same function and takes you away from the sand.

Also, before the mats used to be only bamboo, but now you can choose from many padded and backed beach mats or blankets, flexible and even more rigid but always foldable.

They are usually made of waterproof and waterproof material. But above all, they isolate from the sand and are easily shaken because they do not retain it.

Besides, you may have had a mat for many years, it is a good time to renew it taking advantage of our offers. You can buy a beach blanket at prices that have nothing to do with the beach bars that are on the beaches.

On Shore Items, your beach items store

At On Shore Items we are very clear that when you go on vacation to the beach you do not want to spend your budget on things like mats, but you want to reserve it to go out to dinner or have an ice cream. So we have chosen for you the mats with the best value for money that exist, because they are not incompatible things, you can buy a cheap and high quality palya blanket. Don't think twice and buy your mat at the best price at On Shore Items .

And before finishing, one last note on how useful the mats are: They are ideal to carry in the car in case you can make an unexpected escape and spend an hour in the sun disconnecting from the noise of the city or the office. Can you imagine yourself on the sand on a padded mat while at work everyone is pulling their hair because nobody knows where you have gotten to?

In addition to mats and blankets for the beach, in our store we have: