The best fishing rods and articles

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Do you like the beach but you don't like crowds of people? Well, without a doubt, fishing is a sport that you will like! Relaxed, enjoying the sunrise or sunset, even with your friends having a beer while you wait for the long-awaited fish to bite and above all, away from the crowds of people who… Read more

The best Paddle Surf boards

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Also known as paddle boarding or paddle boarding, this sport is, as its name suggests, a type of surfing in which, on or off a board very similar to surfing, you use a paddle or paddle to go gliding through the waves. Origin of Stand Up Surf It seems to be… Read more

The best windsurf boards and sails

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If you are on this page it is for one of these 2 reasons: You are thinking of renewing your board, your sail or the cover for your board. You want to get started in a different and exciting sport like windsurfing. Whatever it is, this is your section, where you will find the best equipment to practice windsurfing when… Read more


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Skimboarding is gaining more and more popularity on the beaches thanks to the fact that you don't need big waves to be able to surf them. Here we explain what it consists of and also, you can buy the boards with the best quality / price ratio. Do you dare? With the skimboard you will enjoy the waves on the shore of any beach! Tables… Read more

Beach petanque balls

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Petanque is one of the most fun beach sports, ideal to play with your friends without breaking a sweat or getting too hot. To be able to play petanque you need a set of balls and know the rules of the game, on this page you will find both, petanque balls for the beach… Read more

Frisbees for the beach

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If you have not tried it, you are going to love it, throwing the frisbee is one of the most entertaining games you can do on the beach. How many times will you be able to pass it without it falling? Here we present you the best frisbees with the lowest prices to have fun on the beach while spending the least. Why buy… Read more

Canoes and Kayaks for the beach

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Do you want to have fun? Don't think twice, canoeing or sea kayaking are sporting activities that will excite you. Get in shape while you get dark riding the waters at full speed. Buy cheap sea kayaks: take advantage of these offers Why buy a second-hand kayak when you can have a new one… Read more

The best beach shovels of 2021

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Playing beach shovels is one of the most popular sports of the summer, if you look closely, there is always someone playing this game on the shore, no matter what age, older, younger, older with little ones, everything works. What is there to know before buying beach shovels? If you have decided to buy some shovels… Read more

The best surfboards of 2020

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On this page you will find everything you need about surfing, the best boards to enjoy the waves, the types and how to do it. I said, if you are a lover of the sea, here you have absolutely everything: Buy cheap adult surfboards These are the surfboards on offer more ... Read more

Snorkeling equipment for the beach

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If you want to see fish or discover areas of the beach that nobody knows, snorkeling is your ideal sport. On this page you will find everything you need to be able to practice it, whether you are an expert, or want to start and look for snorkeling equipment for beginners. You can buy from a cheap kit to accessories ... Read more