The best beach plants to decorate

When it comes to decorating your beach house or even your house all year round if you are an authentic beachover, you cannot miss the plants, very green showy plants or showy flowers. They will give you a feeling of freshness and provide you with a relaxed atmosphere.

Beach plant deals

These are the best-selling beach plants

Why buy beach plants?

It is not obvious? The beach plants combine with any type of decoration and fill any space with joy. Who doesn't want to experience paradise all year round? Don't think about it, a beach plant is a perfect decoration option . It does not fail.

Think of all the possibilities offered by the wide variety of beach plants present in our online store! You can practically anything you want, for example:

Beach terrace plants on the beach

A terrace on the beach full of plants will always transmit much more freshness than one without anything. The breeze passing through the leaves will make it a real delight to be on that terrace.

However, before deciding what type of plant you like the most, we have to give you some advice on which beach plant to buy:

  • Plants will always bring freshness, no matter which corner you choose to plant them. But, you do have to differentiate between indoor and outdoor plants, so that they grow healthy and decorate the room much more.
  • Depending on the time you have available, you can choose plants that require more or less care. Because it is not the same to water a pot 2 times a week, than to have to prune it, water it and care for the flowers carefully.
  • The third point that you have to look at is its colors and its shape. That is, if the beach plant suits your tastes or not, because you can't put a plant that you hate. If you don't like red flowers, don't buy a hibiscus for your garden ...

In our catalog we have shown you plants of all kinds, resistant, natural and even realistic artificial plants, which do not require any type of care. We guarantee that your terrace on the beach will be perfect with any of the plants available in our online catalog.

Coastal dune beach plants

We have left until last one of the great problems of coastal areas: it is the wind. And if your house on the beach is a tall apartment, it is possible that the wind will be so annoying that you are thinking of closing the terrace to be able to use it more often.

But if you have not reached that extreme yet, and you want to decorate your terrace with beach plants, we recommend that you are resistant to the wind. For example, succulents (such as cacti or succulents) or Mediterranean (most aromatic ones) are very hard plants that resist wind and long periods of drought, which makes them perfect if it is not your usual home.

Types of plants for the beach

If you are not a plant expert, you may still be wondering which are the most decorative beach plants. Here we present a small selection to give you an idea. These are the most sold types of beach plants


It is a plant with very showy and long-lasting flowers. Easy to maintain because it is not demanding and you can plant it in a pot or garden.

lantana type beach plant


It is a shrub with large flowers that last 24 hours, but given the large number of flowers that is not a problem.

buy hibiscus beach plant


Again, the plumbago is a perennial shrub with flowers similar to geraniums but with blue flowers.

plant for beach house plumbago


The marine plants of the agapanthus type are plants of smaller size than the previous ones since they are not shrubs. Its flowers are white or bluish and grow in the shape of a bouquet on a stick.

agapanto beach plant


Green beach plant that does not flower, but its leaves, in the form of an open fan similar to the palm tree, can grow up to the ceiling, both indoors and outdoors, as long as they have a lot of light, but not direct sun.

areca palm tree for beach terrace


It is a kind of climbing sea plant, fast growing (provided they have abundant watering) and perfect for providing shade if you are entangling it in a pergola. In spring it blooms with striking white or lilac clustered flowers. In winter it loses the leaf so it can be a bit dirty. But it's worth being able to enjoy it in full bloom in spring or its lush, cool shade in summer.

beach plants to decorate your house wisperia

Decorative artificial beach flowers and plants

Of course, if you are not at your beach house all year, the plants can be a problem. Above all, if they are in a pot or if they are in the garden, they are not large enough to find water by themselves.

For this, artificial beach plants are the ideal option. Well, they decorate exactly the same and do not require care, beyond dusting them so that they look in all their splendor.

In our catalog you will find the most real and truthful artificial plants on the market with the best quality / price ratio and delivery in just 24 hours.

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