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We present you the best selection of items for the beach that you will find. On Shore Items is an online store specializing in beach items. We have everything you need for your vacation at the best price.

Sale of beach items

If you are asking yourself the question: to go to the beach, what should I bring? on this page you will find all the things you need.

It does not matter that you are looking for something specific or that you want a list of things to travel to the beach. In this section you will find all the basic accessories you need to spend a memorable day at the beach:

The best sellers in our online store

Selection of the best-selling products in our online beach store:

Why do you compare beach items online?

There are many reasons that we will explain later, but the fundamental ones are price and quality:

When you go to buy something to go to the beach in one of the beach bars that are usually on the first line, you know that you are paying the price of the product multiplied by at least 5. But, not only that, be clear that it will break quickly, so you will also have to buy another one in a short time.

We are clear that you do not want to spend your vacation budget on mats or towels, that is why we have created this online store of beach items, in which you will find the largest catalog on the internet, a catalog of beach products that stand out for its value for money.

If you buy beach items online in stores like On Shore Items, you know that you are going to pay the minimum price, in other words, you are going to buy the same product but much cheaper and with a higher quality.

In addition, we recommend that you take advantage of the offers that you will find on each page of our catalog.

In short, buy cheap and quality only at Playlover and save!

On the other hand, you might think that you will have to wait many days to enjoy your beach items ... But no, all our beach products ship within 24 hours!

Beach items for baby and child

The little ones have to go to the beach as well or better equipped than you, because if they have a great time when they go to the beach, they will continue to want to go throughout their lives. We have prepared for you a catalog of special beach products for babies, with everything you may need for an unforgettable beach day:

Why buy beach products for babies?

It depends on the product, for example small towels are more comfortable for them than a giant one, or a baby sunscreen will protect them better than a normal one, being waterproof.

In addition, although you may think that they are more expensive, with a quick glance at our catalog you will realize that they are not, because all the articles in our online beach store have the lowest prices, whether they are for adults or young children.

Offers on all beach items for children

Without forgetting the best deals on beach items for all ages that you will find, if we already have cheap prices, with our offers and special promotions, baby items are even more attractive.

All the items you should take to the beach

To know what beach items you need to go to the beach and that you do not lack anything you have to choose what type of beachover you are, because if you are here you are a beach lover, there is no doubt about that, there are 2 types:

  1. Select beachover : you like to go at specific times (early in the morning, afternoon, out of season ...)
  2. Intensive beachover : you love spending the whole day at the beach.

It is important that you are clear about what type of beach lover you are and so you can make a list of the items you need to go to the beach according to your tastes. But in both cases there are things that should not be missing to go to the beach, like a good towel to dry off after bathing and get away from the sand.

What things do I need to go to the beach if I am a select beachover ? What if I am an intensive beachover ?

If you are select and you like to enjoy the beach at certain times (out of season, early hours, when there are fewer people) it is clear that the list of things that I must bring will not be as exhaustive as that of a beachover that you love to spend all day, you won't need a fridge or a big shelter. However, if you want to be on the beach for 8 hours, the list of things you need is much longer and we can tell you that you will need a little cart to carry everything, or even the car.

Fortunately, you can buy all the items you need for the beach comfortably online on this website, honestly, if you are a beachover you cannot be in a better place, because that is why we are On Shore Itemss.

Cheap and quality beach items - only at On Shore Items

The list of things for the beach is long, but we have chosen for you the best quality beach products with the lowest price on the Internet, but, not only that, all the articles in our store are the most recommended, no Regardless of whether they are umbrellas, beach clothes or toys, you can choose any because you will not regret it.

Beach mats and floats

Are you aware of the wide variety of beach mats and floats that are available? Do you think we have them all in our online store for beach items? If you don't believe it, you can't miss the page where we offer you the best beach mats and floats at the best price ... And if you believe it, you can't leave without seeing our catalog!


If you want to be fashionable this summer of 2020, you cannot miss our page dedicated to the best sets of beachwear. Where you will be able to find all the beach fashion with the best value for money guaranteed.


Find out which are the most fun beach sports, both for sand and for the sea, know all the rules and buy the best material with the best price guaranteed. In case it has not been clear, you will find everything about all beach sports.


If you want to have a great time and play for hours on the beach, you cannot miss this section, no matter what you are looking for, water games or for sand, we have them all. Enter and discover the most recommended beach toys of 2020!

Chairs and loungers

If you want to be able to spend hours on the beach and be comfortable, a chair is what you are looking for . In case you prefer sun loungers, here you will find all kinds of chairs, so that depending on what you want, you can find your ideal seat: high-back chairs, with an umbrella ...


If you want to be on the beach for a long time, protecting yourself from the sun is very important, and nothing better than a good umbrella to shelter you and keep you cool . If the sand also bothers you, many of the sun shelters also have flooring.


If you don't want to get wet and dry in the sun when you get out of the sea, or if you want to stay away from the sand while sunbathing, a beach towel is what you need. We offer towels of all shapes and sizes , even giant round towels. In addition, the best brands and with the best prices.


In order to carry all the things you need on the beach, nothing better than a large bag where you can store everything and be able to transport it comfortably . You have many different designs to choose from, with all the materials, so you can find the ideal beach bag for you.

Shoes and flip flops

If you don't want to burn yourself on the sand when the sun hits the hottest or you don't want to go barefoot to the beach, some quality beach flip-flops but with a great price are what you need. We have shoes from the best brands and of all types for you , if you cannot find the sandal for you it is because you do not want


Nothing like drinking cold water or a beer at any time you want and cool off. Hydration is very important and there are very few things more unpleasant than drinking something hot when it is 30 or 40 degrees, right? Get a giant fridge at the best price .

Sunscreen cream

To avoid burns and the harmful effects of the sun, a good sunscreen is essential. Prices vary a lot from one online store to another, but if you want to buy a sunscreen of any kind with the best deals, don't miss our page, the best sunscreens for the body, face, hair and children .


If you want to stay away from the sand and don't want to go loaded down to the beach, a mat is perfect for you. The sand does not stick and you can protect yourself and your towel. For you we have chosen the best, bamboo, padded ... We have the perfect mat for you .

After sun creams

If you want your tan to last longer, what you need after a long day at the beach to regenerate your skin and fix your tan is any of these lotions. And we say "any" because you will only find the most recommended post-sun creams on the market .


If you want to be able to take everything you want to the beach and not melt from the heat in the attempt, a comfortable trolley to carry all your beach items is the only thing that can help you and here you will find the beach trolleys with the best quality ratio price . You have many models to choose from, some that even double as a chair!