Decoration with sea shells and snails

Shells have a special magic. Their infinite spiral makes them almost esoteric elements as well as exotic.

Of course the sea shells cannot be missing in your beach decoration. It does not matter if they are large or small, the important thing is to place them in a place that stands out.

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Types of seashells

There are a great variety of sea shells, so it is very difficult to catalog them, however, here we put the most striking and common to give you an idea.


With a very elongated cone shape, it is a very elegant variety of conch. It can grow to 6 centimeters. So, it is not one of the largest you will find. However, its slim shape gives it a very special style.

small sea shell


It is a conch with spikes and a very pointed tail. They sure sound familiar to you because they are very typical as tapas in beach bars. They live in the Mediterranean in shallow waters and can reach 10 centimeters.

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Cañaílla conch

Atlantic newt

It is the largest conch, specimens of more than 30 centimeters have been found. When the snail dies, the shell is usually used by hermit crabs, as its hard shell protects them from other predators.

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Atlantic newt

How to decorate with seashells?

If you are wondering what you can do with sea shells that you have found on the beach or that you have decided to buy in our catalog of sea shells, you cannot miss the crafts that we recommend below:

Crafts with giant and small sea snails

The shells give a lot of play with regard to decoration. Either alone, or making compositions, here are the best ideas for decorating with seashells:

Necklaces and bracelets with seashells

The conch necklaces can decorate from your neck and you will look great. You can buy it or do it directly at home, you will only need the smallest copies.

The process of how to make your necklace with shells is simple:

  • Choose the different shells and snails that you like the most.
  • Make a small hole for them to pass the thread through.
  • Cut the thread of the color you prefer with the length you need. You will not need the same thread to make a long necklace as a necklace, a bracelet or an anklet with shells.
necklaces with seashells

Earrings with shells

The conch earrings , just like to make a necklace, you will need small shells, specifically 2, one for each ear. Again, you have to pierce the shells to get past the earring hook.

Here's an example image:

earrings with sea snails

Decorate pots with shells

Of course, you can stick them around a flowerpot or in the frame of a painting or a mirror and thus give the room an undeniable marine air. For any of these ideas there is no set rule. Let your imagination fly. Combining sizes will provide a more modern feel, while symmetrical compositions will be more traditional.

Other ideas to do with sea shells

In addition, you can also make a curtain of those typical flycatchers that are placed on the doors. To do this, you simply have to thread the shells (of similar shapes and sizes) on a thin rope, making a hole in the open end of the shell and knotting the rope later so that the shell does not move.

With the same method, you can also make a mobile. Using ropes of different heights and shells of different sizes and shapes.

Obviously, the large specimens are decorative on their own. But you can always accompany them with crafts that you can easily make yourself with the shells, shells and shells that you find on the beach. Because, like a good beachover, the beach provides you with everything you need to decorate your home.