Sea shells

In a marine decoration you cannot miss the shells. They are an indispensable classic. Here you will find the best shells, the best prices and last but not least, the best ideas to decorate your home with shells.

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The giant shells are spectacularly eye-catching. They are only found in deep seas, but wearing one of those shells in your home is sure to give it a plus. If you are looking for giant sea shells , do not wait for our article with the best offers online.

Decorate your home with seashells

Seashells have always been used for decoration. If you have decided to add some marine detail to the style of your home, you have two options: go to the beach to find the perfect shells, such as sea urchin or cockles, or buy the seashells for decoration that you like the most. like the ones we have in our online store for beach items.

Before choosing the best seashells for what you want to do, you have to take into account that they must be open shells, to be able to glue them more easily (we will explain how later).

Also, you must be clear that they are not live seashells, those are in the fishmongers, not in the decoration stores ...

Types of sea shells

If you are curious about what types of shells you can find, here we describe some of the most common kinds of shells:


They are elongated and practically rectangular shells. They are thin and fragile, that is why we do not recommend them to decorate your beach house.

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Here comes a great variety that goes from chirla to Japanese clam. They differ in their more or less rounded shape and size. But its texture is mostly smooth. They are resistant and will allow you discreet decorations in your beach house.

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They are similar to clams, but their shell is grated in the form of waves. Of very varied colors and sizes that go from brown-orange to white.

cockles to decorate


Their teardrop-shaped shell makes them very suitable for making compositions in decorative paintings. Perfect to decorate your beach house.

decorative mussel shells

Scallop and scallop

Also called the pilgrim's shell. the scallop is a large shell similar to a very large cockle but with two tabs on the tip. The zamburiña is the same but smaller. They are undoubtedly the queens of beach house decorations.

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Other seashells can be the urchin shell and the sea snail shell .

Ideas to decorate with seashells

Do you have shells and you don't know what to do with them? Well, don't worry, here you will find some ideas that will help you give it a decorative use that will give your beach house a very special touch.

Decorating vases with seashells

For example, you can decorate a vase with shells. You simply have to glue the shells of similar sizes around the vase. Take the shape of the vase into account when deciding on the shells. The narrower it is, the smaller the shells need to be to make it uniform.

Decorate mirrors

To decorate a mirror, we propose the opposite, shells of very different sizes and shapes that are even piled up so that you give the frame a volume that will make it much more attractive.

Decorate pots

If what you want are pots decorated with seashells, you can follow the same pattern as for the vases. But, I would recommend dark shells in this case: mussels, Japanese clams or brown cockles.

Take into account the type of shells that you are going to use and where you are going to put the pot, because if you put very light shells, they can get stained with the earth and the decoration can be damaged.

flower pot decorated with seashells
Your pot decorated with seashells would look like this.

How to decorate with scallops?

The scallops and scallops are so striking and large that we do not recommend that you put many together because although the result will be equally spectacular, you will not let the individual beauty of this shell stand out. Thus, for this type of shells, we recommend that you make mobiles or that you use them to also decorate mirrors but in this case putting only some separately.