Big and small beach balls

They are a classic, we have all played with them at least once, even if they were advertising beach balls, it does not matter. Playing to pass it and not touch the water is always going to be fun, that's why inflatable beach balls do not go out of style.

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Why buy a beach ball?

We have explained it to you a little at the beginning, because they are hilarious, you can play many games with them. And if you also play on the beach, the air and the breeze will move the ball and the surprise factor will be constant.

What to play with a ball for the beach?

We are going to explain our 2 games with our favorite inflatable beach balls:

Of all the games available, our favorite bouncy ball game is called "Record." You only need one beach ball, no matter the size, it can be small or giant, and all the friends you can.

It consists of passing the ball without touching the sea water or the sand, and counting the number of touches in total that you give. From the moment you hit your record, the one who throws the ball has to turn on himself. To add difficulty, you can play with depth, start with the water at the knees and go deeper, so that it costs you more.

Another game for beach ball is "1X2". In this case, instead of counting the record when hitting the ball we have to say 1, x or 2 as appropriate. And the one who says 2 can try to kill another by throwing the ball, if he does not dodge or catch it, he loses a life. The one who has received the attack returns to say 1, and so on.

Depending on the time you have, you can put more or less lives, so that the game is longer or shorter.

Transparent inflatable ball

Who has not wanted a ball full of air to get inside? The truth is that it is difficult to take one to the beach, they are not easy to control and you can hurt someone, but, anyway, if you want to buy a giant inflatable ball, here are the best ones to walk on water:

How to use a giant inflatable ball to get inside?

It is quite easy to explain, but not to carry out. The first thing you have to be clear about is that you cannot stay still, inside the ball you have to run constantly, or we guarantee that you will fall (which is fun because it does not hurt).

When you get inside the ball you have to inflate all the air that has come out and close the zipper well, then, just run and keep your balance.

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