Beach kites

The beach is undoubtedly one of the best places to fly a kite, it doesn't need to be a windy day, because thanks to the sea breeze, any time is good. Also, flying a kite is a lot of fun and can keep you entertained for a long time.

Kite deals for the beach

On this page you will find the best kites to fly on the beach of all levels, from the most classic kites to the kites with two and more strings, which are more difficult to fly.

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beach kite deals

Why buy a beach kite?

In very few ways are you going to have so much fun during the summer than playing with a beach kite. But nevertheless the variety of models available can be overwhelming and you may not know which beach kite to buy. Here we explain the criteria you have to consider when choosing which beach kite to buy.

There are a wide variety of kites available, the main criteria you have to take into account when flying a kite is the experience you have and what your goal is:

If you want to have a fun time, but without too many complications, it is best that you choose a single-stranded kite, which is very easy to fly.

If in addition to having fun you want to make flying a kite a challenge, you have to choose a kite with two strings or more. And don't worry, here we also show you how to fly it:

How to fly a beach kite in 5 steps?

Flying a single strand kite very easy, when you finish reading these 5 steps you will be ready to fly any kite:

  1. Preparation : For this step you need a friend to help you (or your child). One of you has to hold the skein (part of the kite in which the string is wound) and the other has to stand in front, facing the wind, about 15 meters away with the kite in hand and pointing towards you. And you have to throw it up.
    Before continuing 2 little tips: It is important that you face the wind, if you get on the wrong side, just as you release the kite, it will plummet against the ground. And pay attention that there are no obstacles nearby, in case the takeoff does not go well the first time ...
  2. The launch : The moment you launch the kite, you have to pull hard, to quickly tighten the line and make the kite go up.
  3. The flight : To keep the kite in the sky it is important that the wind goes from you towards the kite and not the other way around (as this will make the kite fall). That is, the wind has to hit your neck first and then the kite.
  4. Driving : If you want the kite to go higher, you just have to slowly release more line. Attention, do not drop too much string at once because it will slacken and the kite will fall.
  5. Landing : To lower the kite if you are already tired of flying it, you simply have to pick up the string and wrap it around the skein, again, we recommend that you do it little by little, to avoid the kite getting out of control.

How to fly 2-wire beach kites?

Do not think that flying a two-string kite is much more complicated, you have to follow exactly the same 5 points, but in this case you will have a skein in each hand, so that to raise or lower the kite you will have to balance:

First a little rope from the right, then from the left ...

The great advantage of 2-string kites is that you can do some acrobatics and turns, for that you have to try to release more on one side of the string than the other or pull one of your two hands.

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