About us

On this page we are going to explain who we are and why we have created this website. But first of all, we want to thank you for being here 😃

Who is behind On Shore Items?

Playlover is made up of 3 friends for many years who have always been passionate about the beach.

Since we can remember we have spent summers on the beaches of San Francisco, hours and hours of playing in the sand and walking and we have never been bored.

We have traveled together, or separately, to different beaches in Spain and many of them are great unknown, and that is one of the reasons why we created On Shore Items, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

On the home page we say: "If you are here it is because you are one of those who if you are given the choice between going to the beach or the mountains you have it clear." Well, we are one of those 😊.

Where did the idea of ​​creating this website come from?

On the internet there are many pages that talk about beaches, but, in individual articles, a great website was missing where you can find absolutely everything you need.

Our goal is that you think about what you think, if it is related to the beach, you will find it on onshore-stives.co.uk and you do not have to go looking from page to page.

That is why we have so many different parts, just as you find chairs and umbrellas, you also find furniture and pergolas, even hotels. But all those very different things have something in common: THE BEACH 🏖.

Conclusion, we have made this page trying to make it the most specialized page on the beach that you will find, whatever you are looking for.

Help us to improve!

We are aware that we cannot know everything, so if you detect any error or if you have any suggestion, you miss a product, or have been to a spectacular beach that is not yet on our page ... Please, do not hesitate to contact contact us , we will be very grateful.