2020 fashionable beach dresses for women

Cheap beach dresses: take advantage of these offers

Short beach dresses are a fundamental garment for your day to day if you go on vacation to the beach. Although it is not the season of sales, you can buy cheap beach dresses for women in our store, we guarantee that everything we have for sale has the best value for money and all shipments are made in 24 hours, so tomorrow you could be enjoying your new beach model.

Models of all colors and designs, you are sure to love them. And remember, at On Shore Items we have the best quality / price ratio and you will receive it in 1 day. If you want to release your new summer dress immediately, do not hesitate to choose us.

Ibiza dresses

Ibiza dresses as we said before, never go out of style, you can buy white beachwear, keep it in your closet for 10 years and when you take it out, it will continue to be worn.

Without a doubt, white beach dresses are a basic wardrobe item, whenever you need it, it will be there. All you need to make them last for many years is that it be a good quality Ibizan model (and do not wash it with bleach, otherwise it will turn yellowish).

And you're in luck, all the trendy Ibiza dresses for 2020 that we have in On Shore Items for sale online have the best quality in the market, but not only that, but also the lowest prices. Yes, cheap and quality dresses exist. We promise that you will end up throwing it away because you will be tired of it and you will want a new one because it has been damaged.

Long Beach Dresses

The beach dresses that are going to be worn the most this summer of 2020 are the long ones. Although they are usually designed for night parties on the beach. Lately weddings at night on the beach have become fashionable and beach models are quite different from those you would take to a normal party, especially because they are usually Ibizan dresses.
These are the latest outfits and the ones we recommend the most to dress up for an elegant beach party:

We do not recommend long white beach dresses for a wedding, unless you are the one getting married, to avoid confusion ... But, for any other party, Ibiza dresses have a very summery look and never go out of style, no no matter when you wear it, you will always be great.

How to choose the size?

When we buy clothes online, the sizes are a real headache, if you are wrong, it is more difficult to return the garment than if it were a conventional store. One of the few drawbacks of buying online, but at On Shore Items, in addition to having a 30-day return period, we provide you with a guide so that you can be sure of the size, whether you want beach dresses in large sizes or for girls.

You have to keep in mind that all summer dresses are classified in 7 different sizes:
All sizes of beach dresses:

  • XSS: 31.5 cm chest and 34.5 hips.
  • XS: 32.25 centimeters of chest and 35.5 of hips.
  • S: 34 centimeters of chest and 37 of hips.
  • M: 36.25 cm chest and 39.5 hips.
  • L: 38.5 cm chest and 41.75 cm hip.
  • XL: 41 centimeters of chest and 44 of hips.
  • XXL: 42.5 cm chest and 45.75 cm hips.

To measure yourself you do not have to surround yourself, it is not the perimeter of your chest and your hips, these measurements are only the back of the body.

We recommend that you do not buy very tight dresses, it is summer and it is hot, if you hesitate between two different sizes, take the largest one, you will be more comfortable and there is usually not much difference. Anyway, if you are not convinced, you can return it and change it for a smaller size.