Women's swimsuits and bikinis for the beach

In On Shore Items you will find the bikinis and swimsuits with the best quality / price ratio to go to the beach this 2020. You will be able to choose between all brands and models:

Cheap beach bikinis: take advantage of these offers

The bikinis that are most worn this summer of 2020 are the ones that we present below, a selection of special bikinis for you, with incredible offers and unmatched quality.

Fashionable Brazilian Bikinis

A variant of the more classic bikinis that has become fashionable in recent years and that this coming summer will be seen a lot on all the beaches. If you want to get as much tan as possible, you can't stay without one:

As you have seen, in our store you will be able to buy models of the best brands of bikinis for 2020 , both classic and Brazilian.

Swimwear to go to the beach for women at the best price

The most spectacular and summery designs to be able to go to the beach or the pool with all the comfort are those that we show you below:

What to buy: swimsuit or bikini?

The eternal dilemma: maximize tan or maximize silhouette? The solution is not easy, but always take the middle path and have everything, so you must buy at least one of each.

The first thing you should be clear about is that either of the two options is perfectly valid. The only possibility not to have of the two types can only answer that you really do not like to wear a bikini or a swimsuit. I mean that you should not think or that the swimsuit is only for older women or that the bikini is only for thin women, and to convince you I am going to give you arguments so that you know how useful it is to have everything:

Advantages of the swimsuit

Let's first look at the strengths of the swimsuits:

  • It picks up better the annoying "love handles".
  • It keeps you warmer if the weather is not very hot.
  • Provides greater elegance.
  • There are versions like the trikini that are really attractive.

Bikini Advantages

And now the points in favor of the bikini:

  • It allows you to tan the belly.
  • If you wear a top that lets your navel stick out, it is more aesthetically pleasing to see it also tanned like the rest of your body.
  • You absorb more vitamins from the sun.
  • If you take the bath, you dry yourself beforehand and do not accumulate moisture that can cause annoying chills.

Types of swimsuits and bikinis to go to the beach in 2020

Both in swimsuits and in bikinis we are going to have two basic types of necklines: V-neck or straight.

The peak ones hide the chest with a kind of triangles that will allow you to wear more low-cut garments to show off a spectacular tan, but be careful, because inevitably the brand of the straps is very difficult to hide, since the upper part It is held by some straps that are tied around the neck.

On the other hand, straight empire necklines allow you to sunbathe strapless, so we don't have to worry about unsightly markings or lines from the sun, but the necklines of summer dresses should be less flashy.

The third option comes from the competition swimsuits or bikinis , which do not have cleavage ... Obviously they can be very practical for swimming since they do not allow the water to penetrate and allow you to advance further, but for sunbathing we do not recommend them at all. unless you want to look like a mask with a dark face and a white neckline.

Bikinis according to your back

As for the back, we can be more demure and hide most of our butt, or let our buttocks show with a Brazilian model, which is characterized by a very cropped back.

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Fashionable bikinis and beach swimsuits for summer 2020
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Fashionable bikinis and beach swimsuits for summer 2020
In this article we present you the bikinis and swimsuits with the best quality / price ratio to go to the beach this 2020. Also, get unique offers!
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