Beach house decorations

If you are a true beach lover, you cannot enjoy it only 2 or 3 months a year, you have to always keep it in mind. And for that you need to decorate your summer house so that it reminds you of the beach throughout the year, the best thing, are these beach decorations perfect for any house:

What are you looking for? It does not matter, because if it is related to the beach, we have it for sure!

Interior decoration for beach house

If you have a house on the beach or are thinking of acquiring one, this article will help you and give you ideas to decorate it in a practical and very very fresh way.

The first thing you have to take into account are the colors. You should avoid warm colors such as reds, yellows or oranges as well as all their combinations, as these are colors that transmit "heat" so that, if you abuse them, you will lose that feeling of freshness that we need so much in summer.

Rather, use cool colors like blues and greens with all your mixes. They are colors that will take you to a fresh meadow and a clean sky with which the feeling of well-being is guaranteed.

You also have to take into account the fabrics, which have to be light and natural. Cottons, gauze and linens are the kings of textile accessories for your beach house.

Another element to consider is the furniture, which following the same indications, should be light and light in color. White is perfect, since, in addition to providing the freshness of cold colors, it reflects light, so the brightness of the room will give you a cozy and very summery atmosphere. Dark furniture, however, absorbs light, so the room will always look dark and the summer light will be dull.

Lounges with beach decor

Thus, with the previous indications, the perfect living room for your beach house would be furnished in white tones with turquoise blue upholstery, for example. With a glass dining table and a sideboard to put the television. Of course a good sofa is essential, and if it can be a sofa bed, much better. Well, we all know that in summer the visits of friends and family are much more frequent, and thus you can extend your visit much longer.

Beach decorations and accessories are perfect, such as sheets of paradisiacal beaches, shells and green leafy plants. I particularly love Arecas, but if you stay in your beach house for a short time, you won't be able to have it natural. To do this, you will find artificial reproductions of arecas (or any other plant) in Payalover. You can not miss it!

How to decorate a beach apartment on a budget?

Usually, unfortunately, we spend little time at our beach house ... being very lucky, we can live around two months if our place of work is not far from the beach.

If that is your case, that is, you go to your beach house very rarely, it is normal that you do not want to spend a large budget. For this reason, here at On Shore Items you will find the best opportunities in furniture, decorations and beach accessories so that your apartment on the beach is the perfect place to spend your holidays.

There will only be one danger ... You will not want to go home ...

The best decoration for modern beach houses

For modern beach houses, the best decorations are going to be the minimalist ones. Keeping the colors cool, play with straight lines and geometric accessories. We also recommend smooth and shiny or satin textures. Aluminum or rattan furniture for the terraces and stripes for the upholstery of the cushions.

Rustic beach house decor

If your house is rustic, the range of colors we will keep it. However, ´the textures should be less “finished”. Pickled furniture with different shapes is perfect. Cotton and linen fabrics for upholstery and curtains will give your rustic beach house the perfect touch. To decorate, any sea object: Shells, Shells can be used.

But in a rustic home, what can not be missing are candles ... candles everywhere and your beach house will be the ideal place to disconnect.

Decorate the garden of your summer house

In addition to taking care of the interior of your home and having a super nice and beach apartment, villa or chalet, the garden has to be equally well cared for.

During the summer, surely you love spending time outdoors, in the pool, sunbathing, drinking a beer under a good garden umbrella ...

In short, you can do countless things in your garden, and for all of them we have prepared a special category within our online beach store. You can buy all the garden supplies you need with the best offers and the lowest prices on the Internet.

How to decorate a small garden?

If you plan to decorate a garden or a small patio you can use several materials:

Decorate a garden with stones

If you have a small garden, stones are the best option to decorate it. You can choose garden stones in many shapes, sizes, and colors. So it is impossible that you do not find what you are looking for. Whether you want large white stones, or blue and very small. Everything exists and you have it available at the best price.

Decorate rustic gardens

Instead of writing a paragraph so that you understand how to decorate a garden with a rustic style, we believe that it is better that you see with your own eyes the best designs to get an idea on how you want to decorate your beach house garden.

Here are the best photos and images of home gardens decorated in a rustic way with products that you can find in our online store, such as umbrellas, pergolas and furniture: